Friday, March 18, 2011

Shading is fun....

I bought an old lamp from the opp shop. It's far too plain for my Boho house. It will be covered in this fabric. The first pic shows black satin ribbon hot glue-gunned around the top and bottom of the shade.

After that I glued on a coin trim.

The Kaffe Fasset fabric print was cut into a rectangle, hemmed at the sides (the sides meet where the green ribbon is tied), then hemmed at the top and bottom to provide a gathering sleeve.

The green ribbon was gathered around the top and bottom to fit the lamp shade. I pinned the gathered fabric to the shade before applying the hot glue gun once again. (Hot glue guns really are messy creatures... and they really are very hot!!).

Finally, ric rac was glued onto the top and bottom.

I have not yet painted the lamp base - it is dark brown timber. I plan to dry brush it with a purple colour to pick up the tones in the shade fabric.

This is fun! fun! fun!