Friday, January 14, 2011

Experiment part 3

Okay, the first part of the decorative motifs is on the front of the drawers. I took the drawers out to paint them, but thought they would look better slotted in for the photo shoot.
They need some detailed brushing in black, but I need a long-bristled brush to give sweeping curves. I have already diluted the paint using "Flow" and it does make it brush more smoothly giving longer, sweeping strokes without diluting the intensity of the colour.
It's back to work, so progress will now be a little bit slower. And, I still have the side panels to play with.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Experiment part two

I have a box of knobs that to use on the drawers once they are painted.

I am going to start with the frame for the drawers. The four drawers themselves will need to be painted in a similar way - I think I will leave that painting until later.
First, a motif in ivory paint around the entire front of the frame.

Then, a dash of blue.

And a sprinkling of red.

It's not too bad for a first go, if you look at the painting as a whole, rather than a little bit of it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Experiment part one

These drawers were opp shop rejects.

The top is damaged,
and one of the drawers is missing a handle... but I think it has potential. It's a nice shape and there are panels on the side. And, the price was perfect for an experiment!!

I took off all the handles. First a light sand, then an undercoat.

Then one coat of matte black paint.

Another coat of matte black paint (can you see the difference?).

The paint looks very matte once it dries.

Then, I dry-brushed on brown paint to give it an antique finish.

It's not finished yet!! Stay tuned for another installment!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feeling inspired...

I'm feeling inspired... so I have started this blog to keep track of my progress and to spur on this new journey.

I live in an Edwardian house. It was re-located onto an empty cow paddock about 12 years ago, with the intention of creating a garden with an historic appearance (eventually), and restoring the house (rather than renovating it).
This snapshot was taken from the back door in February 2008.
I recently visited a couple of houses and gardens that have inspired me to update the Edwardian House. I don't want to live in a "fossil". The house needs to keep some history, and celebrate the individuality of its tenants.
I want to play up the Boho (Bohemian) and Kitsch aspects of the house.
It will become the Boho House.
Photos taken at "The Giant's House" in Akaroa, NZ.
Photo taken in Fred and Myrtle's Paua Shell House, Christchurch NZ.

Welcome to my Boho house journey...